Man oh man

Where did those 5 days of stayacation go!?!

I got alot accomplished, took MIL to the ER, spent alot of time with my Brother, worked on a model for the quilt store, and made the 3 tablerunners shown below.....and the highlight was finding the dead mouse that drug off the mouse trap - the sewing room was starting to stink!

We went shopping today - gosh, was it "annoy the heck out of Kim day" or something. I know I should have had a chill pill (and no it isnt that time of the month), but it seemed like everything and one was annoying today while shopping. Whether it was being in the way, walking infront of you without pausing to let you by, walking around the fabric dept for about 20 minutes waiting on the lady that had the bolt of batting in her cart. I must have had the slowest cashier today - and the people in front of my cart had way more items in their cart than what the amount rang up to...LOL Oh, and when did WalMart change their labels on their products - man you can look down the aisle and see what are WalMart products by the white labels..LOL.

When I got out to the truck, I said to Brian - "do you got a fork, cause I really wanna poke my eyes out right now"..LOL It was just one of those kinds of days.

I finished another bag tonight - a request of shades of blue for a coworker.

Now I gotta remember to set the alarm!!!

For those paying attention - this is post 984.

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Karen said...

My "stayacation" was this week, Kim, and I can't believe how fast it's slipping by!!! Ick on the mouse...I know what you're going through - thankfully, I think I've taken care of the issue, and the only ones I see now are in the traps in the garage. I can identify with your "mood" while shopping...there was one year not so long ago when I did all of my Christmas shopping in one day...and I recall that by the end of the day, I was swinging two shopping bags in front of me, back and forth, saying "get the hell out of my way" to anyone who got near me....What a scrooge, yes?

Kim - for next year's excursion - would you prefer Green Bay or Wausau?


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