But dang it, it feels positive!

That was the result of the strep test I had done last night at the ER. It only took an hour and half to find out the results. Thanks to the DR who was dealing with another patient that had a "small procedure" to be completed.

After dealing with a temperature, feeling achy, and having pain when I swallowed. And having the nurse at work check the back of my throat for anything, only to discover there was puss and it being red. I was advised to get it checked out.

So after work last night, we headed off to Iron River to the hospital to get the results. Which were negative of strep throat. I have all the classic signs of strep, and the DR even commented that is smelled like strep..LOL (I asked him to repeat himself..LOL)

The diagnosis is pharyngitis - which just is commonly called a "sore throat". But I really puzzled the DR. Advised me to not work today, since it could be contagious.

So, this morning, I had the lovely joy of calling in sick at work. For me its like calling in dead. Cause I feel so guilty. The things you gotta do to call in sick - Inform work, call supervisor's house (who I found out is in MN this weekend), report absence to APS, call dept phone left a message to make sure she gets the message.... I think its a ploy to make you feel guilty for calling in sick (for me anyways..LOL) And I still felt like crap this morning!

So after going back to bed after all the phone calls made, we had to run to Iron River again to get the meds. I also picked up some more Tylenol. Came home, took the meds, and two Tylenol, and basically spent the next 5 hrs in bed.. sleeping. I was too exhausted to even watch the Packer game..LOL

And of course I woke up to having my throat to start to hurt again. Popped some more Tylenol, and thinking of heading back to bed.

I'm hoping that this negative goes away soon!! I'm getting sick of swallowing! (cause it hurts!)


Irene said...
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Irene said...
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Irene said...

I've had sore throats like that, Dr. thinks strep, tests say no. Hope you feel better soon.

Carol's Stitching said...

Feel better soon Kim. It is never a good feeling when you feel like others are dependent on you and you can't help them; but remember you need to take care of you first! :) Maybe curl up later with a popsicle to cool your throat and then pick up some needle and thread for a little mindless stitching. Relax and take care.

Meari said...

Hope you're feeling better!

KaLu said...

hope youre feeling better!!

i hate to call in sick to work too ... makes me think maybe im not that sick and i just lost a day heehee


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