LK Boo Club Update

If you have noticed, and are a follower of this blog - I havent been showing much stitching lately. Honestly I was bitten by the sewing/quilting bug. And I have been trying to stay away from the Brother for a bit, and I have taken to doing some more stitching. Vickie has been waiting to see a WIP pic, so here it is.

Its been a while since I posted an update pic of LK Boo Club, and as you can see I have been stitching on it lately.

I have stitched up, Pumpkin, Fright, Brew, and Monster. Only two left to go. Hoping to have it done by Halloween.

For those counting, this makes post - 990!


Anne Sans Tete said...

this pattern is too cute! i just love it & your stitching is beautiful!

Meari said...

Boo Club looks really great. It's nice to see you stitching more. :)

Carol's Stitching said...

Yeah Kim has picked up the stitching again!!! I read your entry on Meari's blog the other day and was so sad to hear about your feeling being hurt by the person you had wanted to stitch for. I know how you mean about wondering if people even read you blog but I keep trying to give it a go. Your stitching is wonderful and it would be a shame to let someone take that joy from you. I love this piece and want to do it someday myself. You're one of my inspirations in stitching so keep you chin high.

Rebecca said...

It looks great! The colors are wonderful!!! That's great that you're stitching again. I'm in a stitching slump myself.

Renee said...

It's looking FANTASTIC Kim!!!!

Anonymous said...

Looks Great Kim!


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