Camping Weekend :)

Well the day started off with my favorite.. shopping.. LOL I ran to Iron River to get some stuff I still needed to take camping.

Got home .. and started packing the camper, and the truck. We pulled out at 1pm, and was to our campsite by 1:30, since we stopped to check on our camping neighbors, whom were still getting ready when we left. Since the site we wanted to camp at was not a choice anymore, we found a nice spot on the same road that our camping neighbors were going to be camping on, but .5 miles away.

It was such a joy to have a camper, and be able to unpack it to have our little house in the woods. Brian started right away cutting firewood. I found some rocks to make a fire ring. It was soo much fun! It was so cool to organize the camper. Brian made some hotdogs over the campfire, and we just had some chips with it. About 4 pm, we were called on the c.b. to come down to the other campsite, cause they were going swimming. We went down to the river. Brian even got into the water! (I have never seen him in the water!) We both had fun! It was our first time for the both of us to swim in a river with a current. It was really awesome to float down on your back, down the river, running into rocks and such.. LOL But the bad part for me is I stubbed my toe walking up river.

Brian enjoyed it so much, that he happened to loose his wedding ring! It happened to slip off while he was swimming in the river. So now his love for me is on the bottom of the Pine River.. LOL

Saturday night.. I made supper over the fire... I made hamburgers, and fried potatoes Brian's brother, Jimmy, and his wife, Lisa (the one we got the camper from), and Lisa's brother came out to our campsite. We had a campfire, and Lisa taught me to make campfire pies, they were yummy! Our camping neighbors came down to our site, cause Jimmy was not driving his truck down the road again, cause he didn't want to scratch it up.. LOL After, Jimmy, Lisa, and Danny left, we went down to Mark & Barb's campsite. It was a beautiful night! The stars were awesome! We got back to our site about 1am. Brian was hungry, so he made him some to eat, and we sat out by our campfire for a little while. We finally got to bed about 2:30am. I only got about 2 hours of sleep, cause my throbbing toe was bothering me!

So at 4:30am, I couldn't take it any more! We had to go home to get motrin!.. LOL I woke up Brian, and he came home with me. We were back to our campsite by 5:30am, and I was in bed and sleeping within 10 minutes!
I was exhausted! I woke up about 9:45, and then fell back to sleep. I finally got up at 11:45.. LOL I made eggs and bacon on the campfire. After we were thru with breakfast, we drove down to find out our camping neighbors had gone home for the day. We decided to go home ourselves. We got home about 2pm. I checked my email, and I couldn't take it anymore.. I had to go and lie down.. LOL About 4:45, Brian woke me up to tell me that Jimmy, Lisa and the grandkids were wondering why we weren't at our camp.. LOL So we all went back to camp, and went swimming! We went back to our campsite, and I made brats on the campfire. We went back to Mark's site, and sat around the campfire for awhile. We were debating if we should go home that night or not. Mind you, its like 8:30 at night.. LOL, so we sat around talking.. and well, about 9:30, we decided that we would go home ourselves. The main reason we wanted to go home is cause I had to take Brian's mom to the Dr, and the appt was in the morning, and I would have to leave by 8am to get her there on time. So we packed up, and we were home by 10:30pm!

We had an awesome camping experience! We are definitely going to be going again... SOON!

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