How I spent my vacation...

I took off for a week to help with the wedding and watch the kids while Jon & Lia were on their honeymoon. (I have been off since last Thursday). Thursday, helped decorate the town hall where the reception was held, and then in the evening, we had rehearsal. From about 10am till about 2pm on Friday, we spent getting ready for the wedding. It was a lot of work, but it turned out to be a beautiful afternoon (but the evening wasn't so nice, since we had some hard rain and lightening come thru the area). It was exactly the way Jon and Lia wanted their wedding. Just to be surrounded by family and friends. I was home about 8:30p, and in bed by 10!.. I was wiped out!

Then on Saturday morning, my nanny position took over.. LOL I was a nanny for Destiny and Stevie, while their mom and new stepdad were on there honeymoon. I don't think there was anything that we didn't do, that they wanted to do. On Saturday, we went down to Appleton for the Flag Day parade, then went to a friends graduation party, then off to the hotel that my dad booked for the whole family. We had 4 rooms. Swimming was on the agenda.. and boy was it accomplished! We went out for dinner on Saturday.. all 14 of us!
Saturday morning, was spent swimming and packing.

Destiny (front), Ally (right) Stevie (I think he is suppose to be holding Natalie - or Nat is being her goofy self.. LOL Posted by Hello

My brother treated us to lunch on Sunday, and shortly we headed home for it was Brian's bday on Sunday. We stopped and got some cake and ice cream, and had a small party when we got home.

I stayed over at Destiny and Stevie's house, since it was better, cause they would feel more comfortable with their own surroundings. Brian came over.. we had nice time, we decided to take the kids for a car ride. We stopped at a lake, to look around. We saw a snapper turtle, and Brian gave us a lesson about a snapper turtle.. LOL Came home, and we went over to Brian's parents, and Destiny and Stevie's mom and dad were on the phone, so they talked with them for a bit. And also, Brian's brother Jimmy, and his wife Lisa, came over for awhile.. and we just had a good time.

Monday... we got up, we had breakfast, and then I got the question.. can we go fishing and swimming today? Well first of all, I had to take my MIL up to Iron River, so I took the opportunity to get some more water toys. We got back home, had some lunch, and then I called for Brian to come along fishing with us. He got there about 1pm. We went to Long Lake and did some fishing. The kids really enjoyed it. But the bad thing was they didn't like to touch the fish... LOL We got back home, changed into our swimming suits, and I called Mel and Lindsay to come along swimming with us. We went to a new beach (for me it was). We are going to be going there MORE this summer. It was a beautiful beach, and the water, it didn't feel dirty, like some of the other lakes. We stayed till it started pouring! We got home.. and had some dinner. And played outside for awhile, and then it was bedtime.

Tuesday.. we got up, I made the kids pancakes again (we had them Monday also), I decided that we would go swimming earlier, cause of the threat of rain. Well we cleaned the house a little, and about 10:45, we left to go swimming. Mel and Lindsay joined us again. We got to the lake, and guess what.. the clouds were starting to look dark. This time we stayed after it began raining, and then we finally had to leave, cause it was raining harder. We got back home.. and sitting in the drive way was Jon and Lia's car! I wasn't expecting them till later in the afternoon. They told us all about their honeymoon, and it sounds like we are all going to go back, sometime in July! Im looking forward to going to Madeline Island, part of the Apostle Islands, in Lake Superior. I got home about 1pm, had some lunch, and then I just slept.. LOL I was wore out!

So today, Im just taking it easy... I have cleaned the house some.. organized my Lizzie*Kate patterns (added the new charts I have received recently.) I think Im going to go and spend sometime stitching. I haven't stitched much for awhile.. guess the weather is making other priorities for me :)

Thanks for reading about my week off :) I hope I didn't bore you!

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