Tonight, Brian and I went over to his brother's house. (Awhile back I was asking if they were interested in selling their camper - besides its an older camper.) Well last Monday we asked if we could use the camper this weekend, cause we wanted to go camping with Brian's other brother, his fiancee, and her family. I arranged to get the camper on Wednesday (tonight), cause that was the only day I would be able to get the camper "cleaned" to take camping. Well my new SIL owned the camper, and had stored her belongings in the camper.

I went over to the camper to help her clean it out, and we were talking. And she goes, since you and Brian helped us a lot on our wedding and with moving (cause they just moved into a new house), you can just have the camper. I was shocked! I couldn't believe it! I asked her a couple more times if she was sure. She was saying that the camper needed a lot of work, and she didn't think that it would get worked on.

We brought it home.. and started cleaning it out. It was very cleaned already inside, so it wasn't much work. Now I have to get ready for the weekend of camping! WOOHOO! Brian even had fixed the door that would not shut properly. He has a to do list already with the camper.. LOL Needs to fix the bathroom door, the door above the fridge is missing its hinge, and also the ceiling vents need help. And I have plans of making curtains for the windows, since they don't have any.. don't want the bears peeking in.. LOL

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