A Great Fishing Day!

What a day... for about 12 hours today... I was not even home! (I was home, but had no urge to stay in the house)

I started out early this morning.. got up about 7:30am, waited around till I could leave for Iron River, cause I had to take my bridesmaid dress up to have ironned. Did some shopping, got needed stuff, and some un-needed stuff.. LOL. I even got the wood for our refurbished wood couch that we have out by our campfire. It looks awesome, and it sits awesome now. (I saved it from getting burned) :) I got home just alittle after noon. Well the plan for the day was to go fishing. After a little time of getting the boat ready, we were in the water by 1pm. And we didnt pull the boat out till after 4pm! It seemed like the time just flew! It was so beautiful. It was sunny, and the tempature was awesome! Its really started to be summer around here. (Now I hope those dreeded thunderstorms stay there distance!) We were catching bluegill, sunfish, and the occasional bullhead (which we both caught one). And Brian was lucky and he caught a 22" Northern Pike. We had it in the boat for about 5 minutes. After all the picture taking, we decided to release the Northern. We caught about a total of 50 fish, but we released all of them. We came home with a nice sunburn. But it was ALL worth it! Its so nice to get out there, just the two of us, and have a good time, and talk.

Brian & his "catch" (Northern Pike) Posted by Hello

After we got home.. we talked with Brian's brother, and told him how are fishing was.. and what we caught. I parked the boat in the yard. We covered the boat with the tarp. And I noticed that the "thingy" that is connected to the boat from the trailer was loose. So Brian, attempted to tighten the bolt. Well the bolt broke right in half! We couldnt leave the boat the way it was. Cause we didnt want the boat falling off the trailer.. cause you just never know who is going to be playing over here. We ran up to Iron River again to get a replacement for what Brian broke. We came home and fixed the boat. Then, Brian and I were talking about the bench, and the wood I bought today. And the deal was that he would work on it, if I would go and make dinner. Well we ended up working on the couch together. Its so cool. Its soo comfortable. Might have to sleep out on it one of these nights (surrounded by tent of course.. LOL). I grilled some hamburger, and hotdogs out on the grill. Lia came over and we talked for awhile. Hard to believe one week from this today, she will be a Ritchie.. LOL

The *$#! part of the day was... I was coming home from Iron River, just minding my own business. I met a car on the road, coming towards me. I turned my head to look at something to the left (now I cant even remember what I was looking at), well, next thing I hear was "ping" I thought oh no.. I looked at my windshield. GRRRR just about an inch below the windshield wiper. A chip about an inch in diameter! There are 4 cracks that leave the chip, and go about 6 inches up the windshield! I wasnt too upset.. it just could have hit the guard on my truck, or the windshield wiper.

Well I think its time for a shower.. Im just burning up cause of my sunburn. I have to work this weekend.

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