The weather was HOT today! I had to take my MIL to Rhinelander for a Dr appt this morning. While she was in her appt I took the opportunity (like it was hard to do), and went shopping! I got some more camping supplies.. LOL. Got a kettle for boiling water, and a longer hot dog fork for Brian (since he was complaining of the short one he was using.) Waited for my MIL .. went grocery shopping when she was done. We were home by 2pm. Got home, I quickly put the groceries away. I called up our camping neighbors.. LOL, and we were floating in the Pine River, within in the hour! We were in the water for a couple hours, it was sooo hard to get out of the water when we did have to go.

And we even planned to go camping on this Thursday already! Going to try a different camping area, but its still on the Pine River. Gosh I could get use to going camping every weekend.. LOL

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