Garden Is planted!

This morning I had to go up to Iron River to get my bridesmaid dress from the cleaners. I did alot shopping (got Brian's birthday gifts), and stopped and get some plants for the garden.

After about 2 hrs, Brian and I mended the fence that the deer got at last year. I had bought some plastic netting, but I miscaculated the distance around the fence. Well we didnt have enough of the plastic fencing, so we had to refurbish some of the old fencing. We were successful in getting it done.

I decided that I was going to get the planted vegetable in the ground before I had to leave for Jon and Lia's wedding rehearsal. Well, Brian came out and helped with finishing planting the garden. We have 20 tomato plants, 9 green pepper plants, 1.5 rows of white onions, .5 row of lettuce, a row of red and regular cabbage, 3 rows of peas, 3 rows of green beans, and 3 rows of yellow beans, also, a row of pumpkin and cucumbers, and on the end Brian planted beets. Im going to have to take a picture when the garden is starting to show some progress.

At 6 tonight we had wedding rehearsal. Its going to be a cool wedding on Friday! Im so glad that Im apart of it. And that the ideas I have, are being accepted. I helped Lia try on her dress again. She is going to be a beautiful bride! We discussed our plans for Thursday and Friday.. whats going to happen, and what should we do.

Well I suppose, I have to work the next 2 days, then Im off for 7 days. Destiny and Stevie, are really looking forward to the weekend, cause they get to spend it with me :).. LOL We are going to have a blast! Im taking them down to Appleton for the Flag Day parade, and then I have to attend a graduation party for a long time friend.. gosh I remember when she was 2 weeks ago!

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