My aching hands

I have spent the past two days.. yes of course OFF days :) well, I spent them stitching something for my Dad and sewing on my Mom's quilt.

Since Sunday, I have put in about 2,1oo stitches into the cross stitch picture called "Firemans Hat and Flag" A.K.A. ~ BAP (Big A$$ Project) (I figured there are 31,840 stitches in the design... Oy!) So Im about 7% done. Im using a copy of the actual pattern that is in black and white. This design is the largest, most intense pattern I have ever worked on. Since the pattern is so detailed, I have been highlighting the stitches that I do, and when Im done as a reward to myself I take a black marker and shade in the completed box of 100 stitches. So I have a mixture of black and yellow on the chart.. LOL But the detail on the fabric is just AWESOME. The details really make the design "pop". I will have to take a picture of it the next time Im off, which is on Monday (which Im planning on going up to the Golden Needle Studio, and work more on my Mom's quilt, and help alittle around the shop for Laurie Jean, whatever needs to be done ~ need to talk about the webpage, and pick up my quilt that she was quilting for me :) )

The U.S.A quilt is turning out AWESOME! I have all the blocks finished! I finished the other 49 blocks tonight. I did begin to cut out the fabric last night for the block, but I was more interested in the stitching on the BAP (Big A$$ Project). I got 5 of the blocks put together and I love it! I was doubting using the one of the material that I had to go and find. But I really like it, and I think my Mom will like it too. She has seen the material, but she hasnt seen the quilt, since Im going to try to get it done for Christmas.

My sister Amy called this morning~ had a nice conversation with her.. I thought she was calling to say she was on the way to the hospital to have her baby, but nope, she was actually sitting the hospital parking lot, waiting for her hubby... LOL

The radio station in Iron River is 24 hr Christmas music .. OY! I need to schedule a time to get our tree up, and decorated. I have no Christmas get up and go decorate energy. I thought that this music would get me in the mood, but it hasnt yet. I wonder if I would regret not putting up a tree this year? .. I will see, its still early yet. In the past my tradition was to up it up over opening deer hunting weekend, but I had to work, and with my Grandma's funeral, my days just have kinda ran together, and here it is now Dec 2! Man oh man.

Well I should get to bed... and rest my hands.

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