I have today and tomorrow off, our plan was to go camping.. but we decided not too. The weather is calling for rain today. And it has been terribly windy so far today. I have been working on the curtains for the camper. They are turning out great! Im really happy with them. I did misjudge the amount of material, cause I must have forgotten a window.. LOL But Im going to be one window short when Im finished. I will have to take a pic of the curtains tomorrow though :)

Well back to the curtains :)



The weather was HOT today! I had to take my MIL to Rhinelander for a Dr appt this morning. While she was in her appt I took the opportunity (like it was hard to do), and went shopping! I got some more camping supplies.. LOL. Got a kettle for boiling water, and a longer hot dog fork for Brian (since he was complaining of the short one he was using.) Waited for my MIL .. went grocery shopping when she was done. We were home by 2pm. Got home, I quickly put the groceries away. I called up our camping neighbors.. LOL, and we were floating in the Pine River, within in the hour! We were in the water for a couple hours, it was sooo hard to get out of the water when we did have to go.

And we even planned to go camping on this Thursday already! Going to try a different camping area, but its still on the Pine River. Gosh I could get use to going camping every weekend.. LOL

Camping Weekend :)

Well the day started off with my favorite.. shopping.. LOL I ran to Iron River to get some stuff I still needed to take camping.

Got home .. and started packing the camper, and the truck. We pulled out at 1pm, and was to our campsite by 1:30, since we stopped to check on our camping neighbors, whom were still getting ready when we left. Since the site we wanted to camp at was not a choice anymore, we found a nice spot on the same road that our camping neighbors were going to be camping on, but .5 miles away.

It was such a joy to have a camper, and be able to unpack it to have our little house in the woods. Brian started right away cutting firewood. I found some rocks to make a fire ring. It was soo much fun! It was so cool to organize the camper. Brian made some hotdogs over the campfire, and we just had some chips with it. About 4 pm, we were called on the c.b. to come down to the other campsite, cause they were going swimming. We went down to the river. Brian even got into the water! (I have never seen him in the water!) We both had fun! It was our first time for the both of us to swim in a river with a current. It was really awesome to float down on your back, down the river, running into rocks and such.. LOL But the bad part for me is I stubbed my toe walking up river.

Brian enjoyed it so much, that he happened to loose his wedding ring! It happened to slip off while he was swimming in the river. So now his love for me is on the bottom of the Pine River.. LOL

Saturday night.. I made supper over the fire... I made hamburgers, and fried potatoes Brian's brother, Jimmy, and his wife, Lisa (the one we got the camper from), and Lisa's brother came out to our campsite. We had a campfire, and Lisa taught me to make campfire pies, they were yummy! Our camping neighbors came down to our site, cause Jimmy was not driving his truck down the road again, cause he didn't want to scratch it up.. LOL After, Jimmy, Lisa, and Danny left, we went down to Mark & Barb's campsite. It was a beautiful night! The stars were awesome! We got back to our site about 1am. Brian was hungry, so he made him some to eat, and we sat out by our campfire for a little while. We finally got to bed about 2:30am. I only got about 2 hours of sleep, cause my throbbing toe was bothering me!

So at 4:30am, I couldn't take it any more! We had to go home to get motrin!.. LOL I woke up Brian, and he came home with me. We were back to our campsite by 5:30am, and I was in bed and sleeping within 10 minutes!
I was exhausted! I woke up about 9:45, and then fell back to sleep. I finally got up at 11:45.. LOL I made eggs and bacon on the campfire. After we were thru with breakfast, we drove down to find out our camping neighbors had gone home for the day. We decided to go home ourselves. We got home about 2pm. I checked my email, and I couldn't take it anymore.. I had to go and lie down.. LOL About 4:45, Brian woke me up to tell me that Jimmy, Lisa and the grandkids were wondering why we weren't at our camp.. LOL So we all went back to camp, and went swimming! We went back to our campsite, and I made brats on the campfire. We went back to Mark's site, and sat around the campfire for awhile. We were debating if we should go home that night or not. Mind you, its like 8:30 at night.. LOL, so we sat around talking.. and well, about 9:30, we decided that we would go home ourselves. The main reason we wanted to go home is cause I had to take Brian's mom to the Dr, and the appt was in the morning, and I would have to leave by 8am to get her there on time. So we packed up, and we were home by 10:30pm!

We had an awesome camping experience! We are definitely going to be going again... SOON!


Camping plans

Well tonight we were suppose to go camping, but plans changed :(. Since I dont get home till after 9pm, and then have to go and set up camp, we just decided to go tomorrow instead.

Oh well, gives me more time to get organized with the camper.. LOL

Besides.. it works out good, cause I want to go and do alittle shopping yet tomorrow morning. :)


Class Reunion

I got a letter in the mail annoucing our 10th class reunion get together.

Sounds like its going to be a great time.. but it sounded fun till I saw the price.. LOL

$35.. for a cruise around the lake, and munchies to eat. I guess its not so bad, but then times that by 2!




Tonight, Brian and I went over to his brother's house. (Awhile back I was asking if they were interested in selling their camper - besides its an older camper.) Well last Monday we asked if we could use the camper this weekend, cause we wanted to go camping with Brian's other brother, his fiancee, and her family. I arranged to get the camper on Wednesday (tonight), cause that was the only day I would be able to get the camper "cleaned" to take camping. Well my new SIL owned the camper, and had stored her belongings in the camper.

I went over to the camper to help her clean it out, and we were talking. And she goes, since you and Brian helped us a lot on our wedding and with moving (cause they just moved into a new house), you can just have the camper. I was shocked! I couldn't believe it! I asked her a couple more times if she was sure. She was saying that the camper needed a lot of work, and she didn't think that it would get worked on.

We brought it home.. and started cleaning it out. It was very cleaned already inside, so it wasn't much work. Now I have to get ready for the weekend of camping! WOOHOO! Brian even had fixed the door that would not shut properly. He has a to do list already with the camper.. LOL Needs to fix the bathroom door, the door above the fridge is missing its hinge, and also the ceiling vents need help. And I have plans of making curtains for the windows, since they don't have any.. don't want the bears peeking in.. LOL


Blinkes - other photos

Im using this post to post pictures to my blog so I can use them in the blog. Thanks :)

Some blinkes that I found that I just thought were cute :)


How I spent my vacation...

I took off for a week to help with the wedding and watch the kids while Jon & Lia were on their honeymoon. (I have been off since last Thursday). Thursday, helped decorate the town hall where the reception was held, and then in the evening, we had rehearsal. From about 10am till about 2pm on Friday, we spent getting ready for the wedding. It was a lot of work, but it turned out to be a beautiful afternoon (but the evening wasn't so nice, since we had some hard rain and lightening come thru the area). It was exactly the way Jon and Lia wanted their wedding. Just to be surrounded by family and friends. I was home about 8:30p, and in bed by 10!.. I was wiped out!

Then on Saturday morning, my nanny position took over.. LOL I was a nanny for Destiny and Stevie, while their mom and new stepdad were on there honeymoon. I don't think there was anything that we didn't do, that they wanted to do. On Saturday, we went down to Appleton for the Flag Day parade, then went to a friends graduation party, then off to the hotel that my dad booked for the whole family. We had 4 rooms. Swimming was on the agenda.. and boy was it accomplished! We went out for dinner on Saturday.. all 14 of us!
Saturday morning, was spent swimming and packing.

Destiny (front), Ally (right) Stevie (I think he is suppose to be holding Natalie - or Nat is being her goofy self.. LOL Posted by Hello

My brother treated us to lunch on Sunday, and shortly we headed home for it was Brian's bday on Sunday. We stopped and got some cake and ice cream, and had a small party when we got home.

I stayed over at Destiny and Stevie's house, since it was better, cause they would feel more comfortable with their own surroundings. Brian came over.. we had nice time, we decided to take the kids for a car ride. We stopped at a lake, to look around. We saw a snapper turtle, and Brian gave us a lesson about a snapper turtle.. LOL Came home, and we went over to Brian's parents, and Destiny and Stevie's mom and dad were on the phone, so they talked with them for a bit. And also, Brian's brother Jimmy, and his wife Lisa, came over for awhile.. and we just had a good time.

Monday... we got up, we had breakfast, and then I got the question.. can we go fishing and swimming today? Well first of all, I had to take my MIL up to Iron River, so I took the opportunity to get some more water toys. We got back home, had some lunch, and then I called for Brian to come along fishing with us. He got there about 1pm. We went to Long Lake and did some fishing. The kids really enjoyed it. But the bad thing was they didn't like to touch the fish... LOL We got back home, changed into our swimming suits, and I called Mel and Lindsay to come along swimming with us. We went to a new beach (for me it was). We are going to be going there MORE this summer. It was a beautiful beach, and the water, it didn't feel dirty, like some of the other lakes. We stayed till it started pouring! We got home.. and had some dinner. And played outside for awhile, and then it was bedtime.

Tuesday.. we got up, I made the kids pancakes again (we had them Monday also), I decided that we would go swimming earlier, cause of the threat of rain. Well we cleaned the house a little, and about 10:45, we left to go swimming. Mel and Lindsay joined us again. We got to the lake, and guess what.. the clouds were starting to look dark. This time we stayed after it began raining, and then we finally had to leave, cause it was raining harder. We got back home.. and sitting in the drive way was Jon and Lia's car! I wasn't expecting them till later in the afternoon. They told us all about their honeymoon, and it sounds like we are all going to go back, sometime in July! Im looking forward to going to Madeline Island, part of the Apostle Islands, in Lake Superior. I got home about 1pm, had some lunch, and then I just slept.. LOL I was wore out!

So today, Im just taking it easy... I have cleaned the house some.. organized my Lizzie*Kate patterns (added the new charts I have received recently.) I think Im going to go and spend sometime stitching. I haven't stitched much for awhile.. guess the weather is making other priorities for me :)

Thanks for reading about my week off :) I hope I didn't bore you!

Jon & Lia's Wedding

This is a picture of Jon & Lia ~ (Brian's brother) they were married on June 10th. It was a small family gathering. It was a beautiful wedding, and reception that followed.

Jon & Lia's Wedding (Im in the back with the cranberry colored dress on) Posted by Hello

Kim & Brian

I posted a picture of Brian and I from June 10th. I was a matron of honor in a wedding of my BIL & SIL's.

Brian and I Posted by Hello


Garden Is planted!

This morning I had to go up to Iron River to get my bridesmaid dress from the cleaners. I did alot shopping (got Brian's birthday gifts), and stopped and get some plants for the garden.

After about 2 hrs, Brian and I mended the fence that the deer got at last year. I had bought some plastic netting, but I miscaculated the distance around the fence. Well we didnt have enough of the plastic fencing, so we had to refurbish some of the old fencing. We were successful in getting it done.

I decided that I was going to get the planted vegetable in the ground before I had to leave for Jon and Lia's wedding rehearsal. Well, Brian came out and helped with finishing planting the garden. We have 20 tomato plants, 9 green pepper plants, 1.5 rows of white onions, .5 row of lettuce, a row of red and regular cabbage, 3 rows of peas, 3 rows of green beans, and 3 rows of yellow beans, also, a row of pumpkin and cucumbers, and on the end Brian planted beets. Im going to have to take a picture when the garden is starting to show some progress.

At 6 tonight we had wedding rehearsal. Its going to be a cool wedding on Friday! Im so glad that Im apart of it. And that the ideas I have, are being accepted. I helped Lia try on her dress again. She is going to be a beautiful bride! We discussed our plans for Thursday and Friday.. whats going to happen, and what should we do.

Well I suppose, I have to work the next 2 days, then Im off for 7 days. Destiny and Stevie, are really looking forward to the weekend, cause they get to spend it with me :).. LOL We are going to have a blast! Im taking them down to Appleton for the Flag Day parade, and then I have to attend a graduation party for a long time friend.. gosh I remember when she was 2 weeks ago!

Hard to believe...

Hard to believe I graduated 10 years ago today.

Wow has time flown!

A reunion is being planned for a day in August. I plan on attending :)


A Great Fishing Day!

What a day... for about 12 hours today... I was not even home! (I was home, but had no urge to stay in the house)

I started out early this morning.. got up about 7:30am, waited around till I could leave for Iron River, cause I had to take my bridesmaid dress up to have ironned. Did some shopping, got needed stuff, and some un-needed stuff.. LOL. I even got the wood for our refurbished wood couch that we have out by our campfire. It looks awesome, and it sits awesome now. (I saved it from getting burned) :) I got home just alittle after noon. Well the plan for the day was to go fishing. After a little time of getting the boat ready, we were in the water by 1pm. And we didnt pull the boat out till after 4pm! It seemed like the time just flew! It was so beautiful. It was sunny, and the tempature was awesome! Its really started to be summer around here. (Now I hope those dreeded thunderstorms stay there distance!) We were catching bluegill, sunfish, and the occasional bullhead (which we both caught one). And Brian was lucky and he caught a 22" Northern Pike. We had it in the boat for about 5 minutes. After all the picture taking, we decided to release the Northern. We caught about a total of 50 fish, but we released all of them. We came home with a nice sunburn. But it was ALL worth it! Its so nice to get out there, just the two of us, and have a good time, and talk.

Brian & his "catch" (Northern Pike) Posted by Hello

After we got home.. we talked with Brian's brother, and told him how are fishing was.. and what we caught. I parked the boat in the yard. We covered the boat with the tarp. And I noticed that the "thingy" that is connected to the boat from the trailer was loose. So Brian, attempted to tighten the bolt. Well the bolt broke right in half! We couldnt leave the boat the way it was. Cause we didnt want the boat falling off the trailer.. cause you just never know who is going to be playing over here. We ran up to Iron River again to get a replacement for what Brian broke. We came home and fixed the boat. Then, Brian and I were talking about the bench, and the wood I bought today. And the deal was that he would work on it, if I would go and make dinner. Well we ended up working on the couch together. Its so cool. Its soo comfortable. Might have to sleep out on it one of these nights (surrounded by tent of course.. LOL). I grilled some hamburger, and hotdogs out on the grill. Lia came over and we talked for awhile. Hard to believe one week from this today, she will be a Ritchie.. LOL

The *$#! part of the day was... I was coming home from Iron River, just minding my own business. I met a car on the road, coming towards me. I turned my head to look at something to the left (now I cant even remember what I was looking at), well, next thing I hear was "ping" I thought oh no.. I looked at my windshield. GRRRR just about an inch below the windshield wiper. A chip about an inch in diameter! There are 4 cracks that leave the chip, and go about 6 inches up the windshield! I wasnt too upset.. it just could have hit the guard on my truck, or the windshield wiper.

Well I think its time for a shower.. Im just burning up cause of my sunburn. I have to work this weekend.


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