Any Idea....

What I had to make?!?!?!

Ok, I guess I will have to give you a clue (LOL)... ok, if you have ever been to a casino (well, if they do this at the casino you've been too). These are worn on the arms of maybe the blackjack dealer to keep their sleeves in place...

Well you guessed it.. I made these arm bands. I actually made 5 pairs (but one set is already at work). This week is Volunteer Week, and at the health care center on Friday, we are having a reception for our volunteers. The theme if I remember right is - "Give them a Hand" - and with the poker craze going on... We are having a poker theme at our reception. About a month ago, my coworker was looking thru a magazine and found some arm bands.. and she thought that would be neat for the reception for the costume of the activity staff. I said, gosh I could make them. And here they are.. LOL I bought a yard of black satin, elastic, and black thread. It took about a total of 1-1/4 hrs to finish the ones pictured. I hope to take some pictures on Friday with the staff wearing the arm bands.

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