Model Job - Xstitch

Its been my goal to do some model stitching for a designer. Last week, on a cross stitch group, a designer asked if there was anyone interested in doing some help with some stitching. I emailed the designer and said I would be interested in helping with stitching.

In the mail today I received the 2 designs that I agreed to stitch. I started on one (Tanzanite) about 3pm, and with breaks for supper, a bike ride, and taking a trailer that we borrowed back to its owner, around 8pm I was finished with one of the designs. I have two weeks to get them back to the designer.. so with this rate Im sure I will have no problem :)

The projects are the same pattern, but they are different colors. Im stitching them with Crescent Colors - Golden Star (Topaz) and Pansy Purple (Tanzanite)

I will have to see if I can get permission to post a picture of the finishes - not quite sure if I am allowed to or not.

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