Fireman's Helmet & Flag WIP 04/07/06

This is a picture of my BAP that Im working on - called Fireman's Helmet & Flag - which I found out I won almost 2 yrs ago!...LOL The stitch count on it is 160w X 199h (31840 total stitches) ~ ALL SOLID STITCHES!~ being stitched on 18ct, it will be 8.9 X 11.1 in, and it has 106 colors.

This afternoon I was getting frustrated cause of all the color changes. I swear in just a box of 10 stitches by 10 stitches.. I swear there are about 80 color changes! And with all the color changes, I have been stitching for what seems like hours, I dont have much to show for it, cause of all the color changes. But the stitched areas that were giving me a headache are so full of detail that its just an awesome design to stitch.

And then when you think you have carefully look for more stitches, end the stitch, put the floss back in the caddy, and then when you go to highlight the working chart - you find another stitch for the same color you just put away! The paper on the left is my working copy - the yellow is the highlighted that was stitched, and the black is the shading I gave once the block was completed.. so you see alot of black (and there is more folded off on the paper) I have 26 blocks blackened, and about 12 that could almost be, but just have a stitch or two be finished yet. So I have put roughly 3800 stitched of the 31840, meaning Im 11% done.

*~* UPDATED this post to add the clearer picture of the BAP *~*

But its so cool, just to see the progress from the last pic to this pic. LOTS of hours of work.

Well I suppose I should get to bed, have to work the weekend. Is it Monday yet?!?!

UPDATED to add a picture of what the Fireman's Helmet and American Flag is going to look like... so you can see I have my work cut out for me :)

~XXX~ Lovin' every stitch! ~XXX~

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