Fire Helmet American Flag WIP

I know its late, but I just wanted to post a picture of the BAP (big a$$ project) I have been cross stitching on. I won this pattern off ebay about a 1.5 yrs go.

The digital picture is not the greatest - but the colors in person are just breathtaking! If you cant see it, but on the left of the design is the front part of the helmet. You can see the "F" which all needs to be stitched in yet, just alot of futsy color changes. On the right of the design is the beginning of the American flag... see the 2 starts coming to life?!? Oh yeah, and Im stitching this on 18ct.

I had this project started a while back, but I had put it away to work on a different project that I needed the scroll frame for. On Saturday night, I had the itch to stitch.. and I didnt feel like starting a new project, so this BAP was calling me to stitch on it again. I put in about 700 stitches between Saturday and Sunday. LOTS of color changes, very detailed. Its all complete stitches. 4 complete pages of the pattern, and 2 pages where there is a small amount of the pattern. I forgot the stitch count, so I will just have to update when I get the chance next.

As I go, I highlight the completed stitches, so I dont get all confused each time I go looking for the next color - also it helps when Im stitching, and if I look at the design, I can find it easier on the pattern too, since its not highlighted. I have a really cool incentive - in "my opinion" of keeping me motivated - when I stitch a block -meaning 100 stitches (1o rows by 10 rows) and its all highlighted, I take a black marker and black the block, showing me its all completed. Its so fun to do that.. LOL as of right now I have 13 blocks blackened, but if you count all the surrounding block that have yellow in the block is... 44! EEK, and this is only on the top half of one page!

I got my work cut out for me the value - in my opinion (there it is again..LOL) is priceless! If I remember correctly there are over 100 plus of floss colors!.. Im stitching this for my Dad, in honor of his 40 yrs (next January) of service to my hometown fire dept. (Clayton-Winchester Fire Dept, in Larsen, WI)


Nicole and Phil said...

looking good so far Kim! I love your BAP abbreviation...I have never heard of this one, but you can be sure I will be saying this alot from now on! LOL

Missy said...

That is a BAP! Over 100 colors...holey moley. I have one that I get so frustrated with and it only has about 65 or so colors...keep showing updates and maybe I will get motivated to do mine when we finally get settled!

I will be watching the mail intently :) Can't wait to see what I'm getting!


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