Firetruck Log Cabin Quilt

On ebay I found these adorable firetruck blocks that were 4" inches square. Since my nephew is raised around firetrucks and such... I wanted to make a quilt for his bday which is in July. I used the log cabin technique, and used a navy blue and a white for the logs. Since I only had 40 firetruck blocks to work - so I had to make 8 solid blue blocks to make the quilt large enough. Im very pleased with the arrangement of the layout for the blocks. I need to add a border yet, but I need to get to the fabric store and purchase the material, which will be the navy blue.


Missy said...

What a great quilt! Your nephew will really like it.

I was reading the washer story, your DH sounds like mine. Is it necessary that we always point out the obvious?!?! :)


Nicole and Phil said...

Great use of a novelty print Kim! It looks great!
Hope that machine is all fixed now!

Loonie said...

That's great! A very nice idea with the solid blocks too- great placement-- Any ideas on the quilting design yet?


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