The air is on!

Today we finally had the chance to go anywhere and get an air conditioner! Yesterday I had off, but I needed to go to Iron River to work at the Quilt Studio with Laurie Jean. I was there 5 hrs, since Brian was to have plans for the afternoon (he was going to play music with his brothers at a relative's house - but of course it fell thru). So I got Brian up earlier this morning (go Me!), and we were on the road by 10am. We have a 40 mile drive to the nearestWalMart, which is in Iron Mountain, MI.

With a stop at McDon's Supper Club for the McChicken lunch.. LOL We went off to WalMart. I thought when we entered the door that we should just go get an air conditioner right away. (Even prepared for it, as we got two carts.. LOL) Well good thing we did, we went to the aisle that had the fans, figuring that is where we would find the air conditioners. We saw one, the right size, but it was smaller BTU that ww wanted. So I thought I would go looking for the associate working in the department. Walked up to the associate and asked if where there air conditioners are. And his response was, "well we only got Uno", jokeinly. Know what we did!?! After looking at Brian, we went back to the fan aisle and put the air conditioner in the cart.. LOL. We did also purchase one of those wind tunnel fans.. Dang its almost cold in here now.. LOL

So, all is well here now :)

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Missy said...

So glad that you have air again! And good thing that you got there when you did since they only had one. Those wind tunnel fans really move some air around don't they?!

I think that I would have died if I had to live 150 years ago without fans or air conditioning. Especially considering the clothes that they wore!



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