Nothing like..

getting your hands dirty! Tonight I got home from work (I worked the 9a - 5:30p shift) and well, my flowerbeds have been getting neglected cause I've been so dang busy lately! Seems like the days are going by so fast. Feels like I wake, and in no time its time to go to bed (which is always pretty late).

Within two hours from 7pm - 9pm I was able to shape the flower beds next to the house into "normal" looking flower beds.. LOL. I don't have any annual plants planted in the flower bed yet, but mostly hosta, tiger lilies, and daylillies. So I had to tackle the weeds that are just taking over the flower beds by the house. So I started on one end, and worked my way to the other end of the house. I was jamming to the radio and keeping up with the beat.. LOL Even had niece -inlaw over helping. She was such a big help!

So now on Saturday, I will be going to the garden center and get plants for planting and vegetable plants to plant in the garden. Yes I know its late to plant, but dang this was the first day I would be able to get in the garden, cause of being so busy.

So after being showered and feed, I'm happy! I'm blessed that I'm able to do the things I can. Gods in charge of the flowers, I'm in charge of the weeds!

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