Learned a lesson...

tonight while stitching on a model, I was merrily stitching along and thought, this is going too good! Well I went back to start off the other stitching that I had just finished. Come to find I had stitched an extra ROW! Those 7 stitches, just made me rip out about 2 hrs of stitching - which was about 4oo stitches! I had to rip all the way back to the extra row. I took about 30 minutes to get back to the extra row. So, now I'm making the other stitches along to make sure I'm on the right row. Good thing that this model is only 2 colors!

Update on me... I'm about 80% finished with a quilt - will have to take some pictures of it soon. Working on this model, which I'm enjoying (even since I had to restitch the ripped out stitches!)
Monday, we planted the garden. I hope the tomato plants survive, cause as I was pulling the wagon to the garden, I turned the handle, and over went the wagon! All 20 tomato plants hit the ground, luckily all of them survived the fall, will just have to see if they survive the growing life.. LOL

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Missy said...

Can't wait to see some pictures! I hate it when the frog drops by.

Thrive little tomatoes, thrive! Nothing like a BLT or a tomato sandwich on a hot day. Mmmmmm!



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