Another person's stash..

is another person's delight!.. LOL I was lucky to grow my Weeks Dye Works floss collection. (I only had about 6 skeins before this). Missy was offering the floss for sale, and I took the opportunity to help her out (THANKS MISSY!)

Now I have to find some designs that call for the colors. I have a really cute pattern picked out, but of course the WDW it calls for, is not what I have. I was talking to my Mom this morning, and she was mentioning that she was going to a convention in Green Bay in July, and told me the dates of her convention.. just happens to be that I took 3 days off that week, and it falls during the time she is at her meetings. So I'm planning on going down and spending a couple nights with her! Get to The Stitching Bee .. which is my LNS (Local Needle Shop).. and its only like 80 miles away! I was there once before, but I had Brian in tow, and didn't get much time to drool over all that was there to see. So I'm going to be saving up my pennies for stash shopping!

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Missy said...

Yay! I am so glad that they arrived. I hope that you can use that skien of the other kind, I never thought of anything to use it on.

You lucky duck! I looked at their website and you had better check the cushions for more pennies, you are going to need them with all of the goodies you will find. I was thinking if we moved to Sturgeon Bay that I would have to check that one out!

P.S. I just got a SSS freebie in the mail that I will send to you, maybe you can use some of those colors for it.



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