Tonight when I got home from work, Brian announced that our air conditioner died! He said that earlier this evening he noticed that it was humming and wasn't throwing that much cool air out of it (its one of the window ones). He turned it off and waited awhile. He turned it back on, and all it does now is hums and doesn't throw cold air :((. I had him turn it on while I went outside to check the fan on the air conditioner. The fan is not running. So it means we gotta get a new one :(. (I think it would be cheaper just to get a new one.. and we can see about getting the dead one repaired, and maybe put it in our bedroom or something.) But we really need an air conditioner in the house. I'm very sensitive in the heat.. too much gets me sick. I have had heat stroke in the past, and since then I get bothered by the heat (if its too hot - like it can get in the house at times). So I guess we gotta add air conditioner to the shopping list for this week!

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