Another Model Finish

You are probably thinking.. why post a finish if you cant see the finished design. LOL Well I just finished my model for Moonflower Designs, and Im not allowed to show the finish till its framed and published by the designer. But I wanted to show a picture. So here it is!

I will post a pic of it when its published.

Now its off to stitch on my Star Spangled Sampler from HIH.
So Im hoping for another finish. The weather outside is wet. It was raining hard earlier, and Brian was mowing the lawn right before it started. He is now out there mowing the wet grass, and its a struggle.. Men! Well atleast its getting done, so I should complain.. LOL


Missy said...

Oooh, it is a snowman in a blizzard!!! Yeah, that's it!

Can't wait to see what it really is :)

What's next? I think that you need to start a quilt, that's what I think.


Anonymous said...

Oh do not keep us in suspense for to long. LOL. I am sure it will look great. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. It is nice to see someone is reading mine. Good luck on your Star Spangled Sampler. I can't wait to see the finished piece. Have a safe and happy 4th of July! Carolyn

valda said...

LOL! For a minute, I thought my monitor was having problems! Can't wait to see the actual design!


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