LK Life's A Stitch

I have been stitching on a SAL Exchange.. the theme was Lizzie Kate Snippet and the design I received was Life's A Stitch. I also sent Life's A Stitch to my partner - funny thing is we sent the same design to each other.. LOL

I have the design completed, except for the satin stitch. And let me tell you...those satin stitches around the border have been a killer for me!
Ive never frogged so much on a design before as I have on this one.. LOL I have even stitched this design before, thank goodness I didnt
stitch the satin border before.. or I would have asked for a different design.. LOL Hope to have it finished soon. Just thought I would post an update as to what Im keeping busy doing.

This afternoon Brian and I went to Iron River to get away. We went to lunch, then we did alittle shopping and grocery shopping. I actually had the urge to go home and do some sewing, and finish a quilt (the fire truck log cabin) - all I have to do is put the borders on. Well I think I might have to do that on Thursday - cause that will be my next day off. Actually when I was shopping on Tuesday - I found some John Deere material, and I think Im going to make a Yellow Brick Road quilt. I have a few other quilts that are getting antsy to get going .. LOL.


Any Idea....

What I had to make?!?!?!

Ok, I guess I will have to give you a clue (LOL)... ok, if you have ever been to a casino (well, if they do this at the casino you've been too). These are worn on the arms of maybe the blackjack dealer to keep their sleeves in place...

Well you guessed it.. I made these arm bands. I actually made 5 pairs (but one set is already at work). This week is Volunteer Week, and at the health care center on Friday, we are having a reception for our volunteers. The theme if I remember right is - "Give them a Hand" - and with the poker craze going on... We are having a poker theme at our reception. About a month ago, my coworker was looking thru a magazine and found some arm bands.. and she thought that would be neat for the reception for the costume of the activity staff. I said, gosh I could make them. And here they are.. LOL I bought a yard of black satin, elastic, and black thread. It took about a total of 1-1/4 hrs to finish the ones pictured. I hope to take some pictures on Friday with the staff wearing the arm bands.



Today while I worked at the quilt studio ~ I worked on cutting up 1" square for a photo mosaics that Laurie Jean has been drooling over to get going.. and she asked if I would be interested in doing that.. I have no clue how many 1" square were made, but LJ believes I got about 1/3 of the way.. LOL

Also, I had the opportunity to help create this sign that will be hung outside the studio. The letters were already cut out, and my job was to place the letters on the material. It turned out really well! I was excited, and I just had to have my pic taken. :)


Pics of Gem Heart Design

I have received permission from Patty of Moonflower Designs to post the pictures of the models. They still need some crystal beads to be added - but it will be done when the designer receives the models back.


Washer - FINALLY ~ Model finished!

Tonight once I got home, I watched our washer go thru its FIRST cycle on its OWN.. LOL I even had to "watch" to make sure it was really going to happen. And it did! Found out that with me having to move the knob at times to have it move to the next cycle, that it was missing some of the wash time. So I figured I can stand another 10 minutes..LOL

Also, I finished the other model I needed to get stitched up. Emailed it off to the designer the scan of the finish. Im anxious to hear back from her, as yesterday she said that "If you start stitching for me, I won't be able to keep up with YOU!!" I found that funny.. LOL :)


Model Job - Xstitch

Its been my goal to do some model stitching for a designer. Last week, on a cross stitch group, a designer asked if there was anyone interested in doing some help with some stitching. I emailed the designer and said I would be interested in helping with stitching.

In the mail today I received the 2 designs that I agreed to stitch. I started on one (Tanzanite) about 3pm, and with breaks for supper, a bike ride, and taking a trailer that we borrowed back to its owner, around 8pm I was finished with one of the designs. I have two weeks to get them back to the designer.. so with this rate Im sure I will have no problem :)

The projects are the same pattern, but they are different colors. Im stitching them with Crescent Colors - Golden Star (Topaz) and Pansy Purple (Tanzanite)

I will have to see if I can get permission to post a picture of the finishes - not quite sure if I am allowed to or not.


Time to Sow *Xstitch Finish*

This adorable finish is a design from Lizzie*Kate, called Time to Sow, which is a design on Spring Things.

I stitched it on 14ct white aida.

Not sure how Im going to finish it, might make it into a wallhanging or tuck pillow


Signs of Spring

Signs of Spring in Long Lake, Wisconsin :) - where there is some snow on the ground in spots (mostly plowed areas where the snow piles up).

Picture of the daffodils in bloom in our flower bed...
Brian on his new bike.

My favorite bird house - the cowboy boot. Brian putting up the basketball hoop, while Destiny & Stevie watch.

Our yard that was raked last week by Brian.. looks likes its going to be needing a mowing soon!

Easter 2006

Some pictures from Easter dinner, we went to a supper club for dinner. Here are some pictures of the kids - my batteries died. Good thing, cause later in the day I went and bought a new camera :)

Natalie - playing with Kaylee's Easter gift ~**~ Katie in her seat, can you see her piggy tails?

Conway, Jenny holding Kaylee

Ally & Natalie playing with the stack blocks.

Natalie & me... Love that smile!

Picture of the table after eating and all the easter goodies :)


Love & Home XStitch Finish

This adorable finish is from Pine Mountain Designs. Stitched on 14ct White aida.

I needed something to stitch while I watched the CMT Music awards last night(which I had to tape for my sister). I started the design about 20 min after the show started, and was 3/4 of the way done when the show was over. So it stitched up fast! Actually finished it last night, but I finally had the time to get it ironed today and scanned.

Secret Sister Surprise

Today in the mail I had an Easter card from my Secret Sister on the ILCS board

I received 4 Weeks Dye Works colors: Whitewash, Lancaster Red, Rum Raisin, and Deep Sea.

Thank you Secret Sister! Yes, Im having as much fun as you are :)


Ha Ha, I like that title.. Today I did some framing of some cross stitch finishes that needed to be framed before we go and see my family this weekend, as the Fire Fighter design is for my brother, Glen (actually its for his bday present but I didnt want to send it with glass, and this is our next trip down to visit, and his bday was in Feb.. late, I know I know, but he will get it this weekend. :)

And on the right is the birth samplers for my two
nieces that were born last year. The design is from Lizzie*Kate.


Fireman's Helmet & Flag WIP 04/07/06

This is a picture of my BAP that Im working on - called Fireman's Helmet & Flag - which I found out I won almost 2 yrs ago!...LOL The stitch count on it is 160w X 199h (31840 total stitches) ~ ALL SOLID STITCHES!~ being stitched on 18ct, it will be 8.9 X 11.1 in, and it has 106 colors.

This afternoon I was getting frustrated cause of all the color changes. I swear in just a box of 10 stitches by 10 stitches.. I swear there are about 80 color changes! And with all the color changes, I have been stitching for what seems like hours, I dont have much to show for it, cause of all the color changes. But the stitched areas that were giving me a headache are so full of detail that its just an awesome design to stitch.

And then when you think you have carefully look for more stitches, end the stitch, put the floss back in the caddy, and then when you go to highlight the working chart - you find another stitch for the same color you just put away! The paper on the left is my working copy - the yellow is the highlighted that was stitched, and the black is the shading I gave once the block was completed.. so you see alot of black (and there is more folded off on the paper) I have 26 blocks blackened, and about 12 that could almost be, but just have a stitch or two be finished yet. So I have put roughly 3800 stitched of the 31840, meaning Im 11% done.

*~* UPDATED this post to add the clearer picture of the BAP *~*

But its so cool, just to see the progress from the last pic to this pic. LOTS of hours of work.

Well I suppose I should get to bed, have to work the weekend. Is it Monday yet?!?!

UPDATED to add a picture of what the Fireman's Helmet and American Flag is going to look like... so you can see I have my work cut out for me :)

~XXX~ Lovin' every stitch! ~XXX~


Fire Helmet American Flag WIP

I know its late, but I just wanted to post a picture of the BAP (big a$$ project) I have been cross stitching on. I won this pattern off ebay about a 1.5 yrs go.

The digital picture is not the greatest - but the colors in person are just breathtaking! If you cant see it, but on the left of the design is the front part of the helmet. You can see the "F" which all needs to be stitched in yet, just alot of futsy color changes. On the right of the design is the beginning of the American flag... see the 2 starts coming to life?!? Oh yeah, and Im stitching this on 18ct.

I had this project started a while back, but I had put it away to work on a different project that I needed the scroll frame for. On Saturday night, I had the itch to stitch.. and I didnt feel like starting a new project, so this BAP was calling me to stitch on it again. I put in about 700 stitches between Saturday and Sunday. LOTS of color changes, very detailed. Its all complete stitches. 4 complete pages of the pattern, and 2 pages where there is a small amount of the pattern. I forgot the stitch count, so I will just have to update when I get the chance next.

As I go, I highlight the completed stitches, so I dont get all confused each time I go looking for the next color - also it helps when Im stitching, and if I look at the design, I can find it easier on the pattern too, since its not highlighted. I have a really cool incentive - in "my opinion" of keeping me motivated - when I stitch a block -meaning 100 stitches (1o rows by 10 rows) and its all highlighted, I take a black marker and black the block, showing me its all completed. Its so fun to do that.. LOL as of right now I have 13 blocks blackened, but if you count all the surrounding block that have yellow in the block is... 44! EEK, and this is only on the top half of one page!

I got my work cut out for me the value - in my opinion (there it is again..LOL) is priceless! If I remember correctly there are over 100 plus of floss colors!.. Im stitching this for my Dad, in honor of his 40 yrs (next January) of service to my hometown fire dept. (Clayton-Winchester Fire Dept, in Larsen, WI)


Kinda Neat

This happens every 100 years ...kinda neat

This only happens once every 100 years. On Wednesday of this week, attwo minutes and three seconds after 1:00 in the morning, the time anddate will be 01:02:03 04/05/06.

So, are you going to be apart of "history"- Im sure Im going to be!


Firetruck Log Cabin Quilt

On ebay I found these adorable firetruck blocks that were 4" inches square. Since my nephew is raised around firetrucks and such... I wanted to make a quilt for his bday which is in July. I used the log cabin technique, and used a navy blue and a white for the logs. Since I only had 40 firetruck blocks to work - so I had to make 8 solid blue blocks to make the quilt large enough. Im very pleased with the arrangement of the layout for the blocks. I need to add a border yet, but I need to get to the fabric store and purchase the material, which will be the navy blue.

Washer checked out.

Update on washer... the guy that we bought the washer from was here this afternoon - he did what he needed to do to find out what was causing the problem with washer, since it wasnt stopping filling the washer - or moving to the next cycle.

Yep, I thought something was wrong, and I was right! It was the "load" switch that controls the amount of water that is suppose to go into the machine. He didn't have that type of switch, so he would have to order it. He will be coming back to put it in.

Atleast I can use it.. just have to babysit the machine so it doesn't overfill... good excuse to clean the bathroom... for now :))


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