Framing of Quilt Time Sampler and Sampler Game Board

I love to stitch and finish project, but I have a problem with actually "finishing them".

The other night - I think if I remember right it was Monday - I got out the mounting board and I mounted up Quilt Time Sampler and the Sampler Game Board. I LOVED how the SGB turned out from mounting it - but I wasn't sure about QTS. I had a frame that was the perfect size for QTS and I just framed it with the frame.

This afternoon I took SGB to the frame shop to find a frame to work with the design... OMG if you look here - I'm getting almost the exact frame! But the frame I'm getting has the rough (sanded) edges! I'm so excited I cant wait to see it when its finished.. Now I just have to wait 3 weeks!!

I asked the framer about her opinion about a mat around the outside of the QTS. I know my framing is not straight.. man oh man is linen hard to frame with! She said that it looks fine.. so here is a picture of what QTS looks framed up. (You can click on the picture to see it bigger.)

I did pick up a few fat quarters to make pinkeeps and pillows with them for my SFEs and PIFs. :) Will post more pictures of them when the recipients receive them. :)


Espresso Girlie said...

This is just lovely. It looks beautiful framed Kim.


Aussie Stitcher said...

Hi Kim you have done a great job of framing, looks wonderful.
You wanted to know who designed There's no place like home which I am stitching, it is by Drawn Thread.

Regards Joanne

Sally said...

Your QTS looks gorgeous framed Kim.

Shari said...

looks great to me Kim!! I think framing is the hardest finish that I do!

Pumpkin said...

Awesome Kim! It looks fantastic! Once you get a bigger picture, you can see the frame detail and it's just perfect :o)

It is hard to lace linen but it takes time and patience ;o) I was told to use a disappearing ink pen (for quilting) to draw your lines so when you lace, the lines will guide you when you start pinning. I've just done it with pins myself. Again, a little extra time but so worth it!

The Chicken Lady said...

That turned out so cute!! It looks really great framed. :)

Mary Ann said...

Looks great!!!! I love the frame you chose for it.

Rachel said...

You do such amazing work!!!!

Meari said...

Looks great, Kim!


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