No Power

Thats what I heard at the door this morning after I got off the phone with my sister this morning.

Just before I could hear a vehicle outside, but didnt feel like investigating. I happen to catch a glimpse of orange go by the window. Knock Knock - it was the power guy at the door announcing that they had to turn our power off for up to 2 hrs in a few. Well an hour later, the power went out. I was being nosey so I took a couple pictures thru the screen door to show Brian when he got home from the bank. They took the transformer off the pole and rewired a cable back. So the power was out for about an hour. And what was funny - they had their lunch break in our drive way for 45 minutes.. LOL I was tempted to take out some ice cream.. hehe.

Well during that time I took advantage of stitching. It was cloudy out so I had just enough light to get me a finish! Yep I have a finish to share, but Im going to wait till tomorrow to post.

While I was waiting for the power to come back on, I started alittle cleaning and organzing of my stash. Got a to stitch pile going again. :) I also worked on a QSnap Hugger order, and got it to the post office. Got home about 3p as we were expecting a call for Brian. To relieve some stress we took the scooters for a ride. We put on about 20 miles today. Was so nice to get out and do alittle sightseeing.

When we got back.. I got in the framing mode. Ive been wanting to frame "Quilt Time Sampler" from LHN, and get Game Board Sampler, on the mounting board to have it framed. I spent over 2.5 hrs framing QTS!! Still not satified with it. I worked on a SFE, and a PIF.

Off to stitch!


Shari said...

unexpected inconviences can be some of the best kind! Glad you could take advantage of the time that your power was off. Glad you could take a ride to relieve some stress too!!
Anxious to see your finish!

Pumpkin said...

You're nosey aren't you? ;o)

That's a dangerous thing going through one's stash. Especially when looking at patterns!


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