God was at it again.. keeping His promise. We had a sudden surprise (to us) down pour of a rain shower about 30 minutes ago. I told Brian I was going to be on the look out, after it was done raining, for the rainbow.

Waiting for the pizza to get done (I know a wonderful lazy cook tonight), I sat down to start on a new project, and I happen to open up the blinds to see if I can see a rainbow. Sure enough!!

There was the rainbow peeking back at me. :)


Mylene said...

its a nice sight!

Shari said...

very pretty Kim!! I looked for a rainbow here the other night too! It was raining & it was sunny! I didn't see one thou! Thanks for sharing your beauty with us!

Pumpkin said...

That is so pretty Kim :o) We haven't had one this year though :o( Please send some our way!

Renee said...

I always love seeing the promise of the rainbow! Great picture!!!


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