Pay It Forward

Since doing the exchange with the BC board, I had said that I would love to do an exchange again, and soon. Well I was thinking of reinstating the Pay It Forward again, since I didn't do it the first time around. To my surprise today - I had seen that Irene was doing the PIF, and I thought YEA!! I love to do some designs and finish them.. perfect!

I did signed up at Irene's blog.

Here goes: Be one of the first five people to respond to this post (via the comments section) and you will receive a cross stitch item made by me. After you comment, please email me your snail mail address. There will be a 365 day or sooner deadline. The way this works is that if you sign up, you have to blog this as well and continue the sharing (you don’t have to have a blog to participate, just pass on the giving with friends, or surprise someone).

Comment away!!


Michele said...

Kim, I would love to sign up for your PIF *smile* .. and I'll start a new one on my blog this week .. what fun!

Carol said...

Sure, sign me up. I'm going over to your Q Snap huggers site now and ordering a few. :)



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