I've been tagged - "Last Seven"

I was tagged by Missy to list my "Last Seven" So here it goes...

1. Last dollar I spent: $50 - I spent to fill up my truck to get me back and forth to work, that was Friday - will need to fill up tomorrow.

2. Last time I ate fast food: Gosh - umm a week ago Tuesday when I stopped and got breakfast at McDonald's - got my a breakfast burrito meal, and I got a chicken cesar (minus the chicken - was too early for the chicken) salad, for lunch.

3. Last thing I ate: That would have been supper, was at work, so it was a turkey breast with cheese sandwich, and some taco Doritos.

4. Last song I sang to: I sang along to Richard Marx's "Endless Summer Nights" - gosh that song is for a post right there.. remind me.. he he

5. Last time I bought clothes: Gosh, I cant even remember - I think it was the beginning of June when I bought this shirt

6. Last time I felt envy: heck, I envy all the time.. he he. I just have to look at someone else's blog and I get green with envy..

7. Last time I paid bills: I just paid my auto insurance on Tuesday.

I tag - Shari, Vickie, Meari, Cathey, Michelle - and anyone else that would like to share this tag.


Rachel said...

You have done some amazing projects lately...you are so talented!!

Michele said...

I agree 100% with Rachel! You do wonderful projects!!!

This was a fun tag to do :)


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