All Cut out... a new quilt in the works

Well, since I finished up on the Shade Cascade quilt top last Thursday, and had to work Friday - Monday at the nursing home. I finally had a day off. What did I do!?!

Well I got up about 10:30am (I was exhausted ok!), put away the dishes, cleaned the kitchen, played on the computer some.. and then started ironing, and ironing.

I'm getting ready to put another quilt together. This one is called Cottage Blossoms by Kim Schaefer which I found on the Andover Fabrics site in the free quilt patterns section. We have gotten in some of the fabric that are featured in this quilt design. So I took the fabrics that we had from this line, and I went about the store finding other fabrics to go with this quilt. I think I had a total of 25 different colors/themes. I had to cut each fabric from the bolt (which I had done the last time I worked), and the pattern said I could use fat 1/8"s. So this morning I had to cut the fabric to a fat 1/8th" and had to iron each fabric.

I then had to cut out the fabrics alternating into either a 1.5", 2", 2.25", 2.5", 3", 3.25", 3.5" or 4" strips. And then cut them to be 9.5". And I needed to have 8 of each cut (see the tally marks??). So I have enough to make half of the quilt - since I'm only making it half the size, as its going to be a model for the quilt shop. So here is the results so far!

But... I'm tired of being on my legs, so I'm going to go and do some stitching! I think that's a far trade off!

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