I had an awesome experience today...

Its amazing how you just never know who you will meet out and about!

I had to take my MIL to the Dr this morning in a town 60 miles from here.. while MIL was at her appt. Brian and I took off, to waste some time.

We (thanks Brian for letting me stop... I know how you just LOVE going to places like that!) stopped at a quilt shop in downtown Rhinelander. We went inside and just looked around. Its amazing... something just said I had to stop there and see if I could find anything, and I did. There was a lady that was talking, who sounded like a coworker that quilts, so we just continued to browse.

I heard "Kim?"

I turned around, and there was a lady there ... she said who she was.

She is a lady that is on my WisconsinStitching group! Just out of the blue she recognized me/us. We had not met before, and she said she usually doesnt speak up like that, but was glad she did.

She said that she thought it was me, but she recognized Brian... then she knew it was me. We talked for about 10 minutes at the quilt shop (where she teaches classes - which I wasnt aware of). She asked about my dad.. and said that she follows my blog, and was curious. We just talked about a few things, and then we were off.

Brian and I went back to our car, and started talking about the meeting, we thought it was just great! Now I hope that we can get together, and either stitch or quilt!

Thanks Donna!!

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