Hot Diggity Dog - Two finishes in one day!

This morning I wanted to make it a day of stitching, since we had rain forcasted.

Well I gave myself till 1pm to cross stitch, which turned into 2:30pm - since I had spent some "break time" on the computer during my precious stitching time (posting about the model being released). Good quality time there!

Well I finished up "Encourage", part of the Lizzie Kate Double Flips series.... and I had the urge to work on the quilt - Ok... Brian was working out and I couldn't quite see the tv, and I didn't want to be a bother.

So I said, well I can go and work in the other room - I have a quilt top I can put together. Well it started out like this.... and it ended up like this!

It only took me less than 4 hrs to sew this quilt top together - and that includes the fussy cutting of the flower strips and the borders. I love the quilt's colors, and will be making another one soon! This one is going to the quilt shop as a model to showcase the new material we have. The pattern is called Cottage Blossoms, and I found the pattern online free.

The Cottage Blossoms quilt is actually 1/2 of what the actual pattern called. It would make a great throw for the back on the couch.


Linen Stitcher said...

Oh, my! Quilts like this one always make me wish I were a quilter. What a beauty!! Love the colors, love the pattern, love the fabrics. Love it all!! Wish I had one on the back of my couch!

staci said...

That quilt is STUNNING!!! I love it!


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