He got me.... a plant!

Not just any kind of plant.. but Hen and Chicks!!

I came home from work last night, and I found this container sitting on the kitchen table.. waiting for me to see it.

Brian had gone up to Iron River yesterday to get plants for the garden, and Brian spied this plant, and knew he had to buy it.

So it will be going out in the flower bed later today, as it looks like it might rain any minute.

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Vonna said...

I love hens and chicks...looks like one is going to be a rooster!

I'm doing a drive by reading/commenting on posts since I'm so behind...so in short I'm going to make one big comment here.

Glad to see your Daddy is doing so well after his surgery! And I love the t-shirt he's going to wear home.

Your cascade quilt is gorgeous Kim...truly stunning!

And Milly's cow quilt that you finished for her is cute as a button! Well done :)


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