Crud! M.I.A. for a few days...

Well, after a day of waiting for the Internet to find itself.. I decided to call the help center.

First time - wait 10 - 15 minutes, and you should be on the Internet.

An hour later, nothing...

Second call to the help center - after 30 minutes... we found the problem. Damaged cable!

We have satellite Internet thru Hughes Net, and you have two cables that goes from the satellite dish to the modem (see sidebar for picture of dish on the outhouse). Well, one cable has a cut (we have no idea how) But its corroded and shot.

3 - 5 business days before the tech will call to set up an appointment. I cant wait that long!

So thanks to the BIL, I'm sitting on their couch, downloaded emails, and wrote this post.

And your thinking.. just think of the stitching time! And I'm thinking.. YES! (*cough*)

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Rachel said...

Oh, Kim! That just sucks. Sorry to hear about your cable. I have Hughs Net too. I think all the cables are are coaxile(sp?) cables. One is for downloading(recieving), and one is for uploading (sending). But, your probably don't have a cable long enough to go from the outhouse to the modem just laying around though, huh?

Enjoy your stitching time!


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