Uncle Kracker - Happy Hour

"You make me dance like a fool Forget how to breathe Shine like gold, buzz like a bee Just the thought of you can drive me wild Ohh, you make me Smile"

I have to say-- I can NOT get enough of this song or the whole album!! I ♥ this song, and the new album from Uncle Kracker - Happy Hour.

I give the album Happy Hour ★★★★1/2 out of 5 ★s

This cd is going to be worn out in no time (for me).

Click to see the video of "Smile" by Uncle Kracker


LK Boo Club Update

If you have noticed, and are a follower of this blog - I havent been showing much stitching lately. Honestly I was bitten by the sewing/quilting bug. And I have been trying to stay away from the Brother for a bit, and I have taken to doing some more stitching. Vickie has been waiting to see a WIP pic, so here it is.

Its been a while since I posted an update pic of LK Boo Club, and as you can see I have been stitching on it lately.

I have stitched up, Pumpkin, Fright, Brew, and Monster. Only two left to go. Hoping to have it done by Halloween.

For those counting, this makes post - 990!


Cute Handmade Fleece Kids Hats and Mittens - Pickled Beets Kids Hats

(Click on the banner to take you to the site)
Check out these ADORABLE children's fleece hats!
It just makes me want to have kids, they are so stinkin cute!

Ive known Greta for years... gosh, a very long time - grew up with her kids. And everything she does is just awesome!!

Just putting a plug in


Blue Bag

I finished another bag this afternoon - a request of shades of blue for a lady in CT.

Recent Quilt Top finishes

I was asked to make a quilt top with some fabrics that recently arrived at the quilt store (where I use to work at, it seems).

Some of the fabric collection that recently arrived is called Quest For A Cure - Cambridge Square - Brown from Northcott. I had 2187-99,2190-34,2191-99,2193-30, 2193-34, and from a different collection, of Northcott called Stonehenge, to work with.

So, with those fabrics all stacked up on each other, I went out in search of pattern book at the store that would do the fabrics justice.

Well I came across a pattern that I thought was just PERFECT for the theme of the fabric - Quest for A Cure. The pattern of the quilt top is called, My Sister's Cabin.

"My Sister's Cabin" is from a book called Blackberry Island - Gathering Friends, by Kathryn Squibb and Deborah Jacobs ©2004. I had a heck of a time looking for a link to their site. But I did find it else wheres - Blackberry Island.

I absolutely love how it turned out, and the colors! I had a challenge as the pattern was written with different colors, so I had to have a cheat sheet to make sure I had the correct fabrics in the correct spot.

I actually finished this quilt 2 weeks ago, and it was shown at the recent quilt show in Iron River, MI over the weekend.


Also, I came home with this Northwoods Flannel Print. So I whipped it up into a quilt top.

I was having a duh moment when I pieced the borders on. I had the border blocks in the wrong spots..LOL But they are all fixed now.

I love making these quilt tops for the shop, and I will eventually get them back after the fabric has run out, or its time to make new quilt tops. Cause I came home with Tribeca, and I can't wait to finish it.. he he



But dang it, it feels positive!

That was the result of the strep test I had done last night at the ER. It only took an hour and half to find out the results. Thanks to the DR who was dealing with another patient that had a "small procedure" to be completed.

After dealing with a temperature, feeling achy, and having pain when I swallowed. And having the nurse at work check the back of my throat for anything, only to discover there was puss and it being red. I was advised to get it checked out.

So after work last night, we headed off to Iron River to the hospital to get the results. Which were negative of strep throat. I have all the classic signs of strep, and the DR even commented that is smelled like strep..LOL (I asked him to repeat himself..LOL)

The diagnosis is pharyngitis - which just is commonly called a "sore throat". But I really puzzled the DR. Advised me to not work today, since it could be contagious.

So, this morning, I had the lovely joy of calling in sick at work. For me its like calling in dead. Cause I feel so guilty. The things you gotta do to call in sick - Inform work, call supervisor's house (who I found out is in MN this weekend), report absence to APS, call dept phone left a message to make sure she gets the message.... I think its a ploy to make you feel guilty for calling in sick (for me anyways..LOL) And I still felt like crap this morning!

So after going back to bed after all the phone calls made, we had to run to Iron River again to get the meds. I also picked up some more Tylenol. Came home, took the meds, and two Tylenol, and basically spent the next 5 hrs in bed.. sleeping. I was too exhausted to even watch the Packer game..LOL

And of course I woke up to having my throat to start to hurt again. Popped some more Tylenol, and thinking of heading back to bed.

I'm hoping that this negative goes away soon!! I'm getting sick of swallowing! (cause it hurts!)


Happy Jack!

I ♥ Saturday projects. I started this cutie about 11am, and after an afternoon nap, and few other wife duties - here he is - Happy Jack!

Happy Jack, from the "Fons & Porter's Love Of Quilting" magazine - the Sept/Oct 2009 issue. Design is by Kelly Mueller of The Wooden Bear . Im not a fan of applique... but practice makes perfect.. right?

But he turned out so darn cute!

He was alot of fun to make!!


Man oh man

Where did those 5 days of stayacation go!?!

I got alot accomplished, took MIL to the ER, spent alot of time with my Brother, worked on a model for the quilt store, and made the 3 tablerunners shown below.....and the highlight was finding the dead mouse that drug off the mouse trap - the sewing room was starting to stink!

We went shopping today - gosh, was it "annoy the heck out of Kim day" or something. I know I should have had a chill pill (and no it isnt that time of the month), but it seemed like everything and one was annoying today while shopping. Whether it was being in the way, walking infront of you without pausing to let you by, walking around the fabric dept for about 20 minutes waiting on the lady that had the bolt of batting in her cart. I must have had the slowest cashier today - and the people in front of my cart had way more items in their cart than what the amount rang up to...LOL Oh, and when did WalMart change their labels on their products - man you can look down the aisle and see what are WalMart products by the white labels..LOL.

When I got out to the truck, I said to Brian - "do you got a fork, cause I really wanna poke my eyes out right now"..LOL It was just one of those kinds of days.

I finished another bag tonight - a request of shades of blue for a coworker.

Now I gotta remember to set the alarm!!!

For those paying attention - this is post 984.


Happy Sewing Month!!

The observance of National Sewing Month began in 1982 with a proclamation from President Ronald Reagan declaring September as National Sewing Month “In recognition of the importance of home sewing to our Nation.”

So, happy sewing month!

I know I will be spending some time with the sewing machine this month. I have a few quilting projects to work on, and a few bags to get finished.

I ♥ my sewing machine. Its a Brother CS-6001. Ive had it now for 2 yrs (doesn't seem like it). It came all the way from California to live here with me. Its gotta a good work out since its been here. Its made multiple quilts, table runners, countless QSnap Huggers (*sniff*), hemmed a few pant legs.

I got my first sewing machine when I moved up here, so that was 7 yrs ago (atleast). And it just mainly collected dust. But then one day it came to life, and I was sewing like crazy on it. So much that I had to purchase a new one.

I think I will go and spend some time with it now, hope to have a quilt top finished in the next day or two (or three).

Happy Sewing Month Everyone!!


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