I got a new COMPUTER ....

Sewing machine!!!

A couple months ago - I think it was June, something in the bobbin area of the "old" (new title) sewing machine broke off. It was loud, and was driving me crazy. So I thought, ok, gotta put that on my list to buy in the future, when the money means arrive. So I have been saving up my pennies and nickels, so when I did find a machine, I could take the piggy bank to the store and put all the change all over the counter, and start counting. Ok, that was the day dreaming part of this venture.

It goes like this -- Remember when I killed posted about the rotary cutter incident, and someone suggested I go to JoAnn.com and look for a new rotary cutter there, as they were having a sale. Well, excuse me, did you forget to tell me that 'Sewing Machines' were on sale too!? Nope, but thanks for letting me find out!.. he he Well I browsed drooled over the machines, and one struck my interest. I saved the page for the machine. I thought, what the heck, WalMart sells them too. So off to WalMart.com I went. The sale price at JoAnn.com was $20 higher than WalMarts advertised price. I did a total with the tax, and it came up to the same price of the JoAnn.com price. I thought umm ok.. I do have a cheaper source that I can get the machine at.

I thought what the heck, let me try eBay. So one late Tuesday night, (the day after I took my truck to find out why the O/D Light on the dash kept blinking, and two weeks later (today), and a $225 bill - it still blinks! They did replace the part that it was coded for the blinking, but they are stumped, so my Explorer now has a piece of black electrical tape over the blinking O/D Light.... grr)

I typed in the machine I was looking for.. and I found an AWESOME deal! With shipping, it cost $22 something less than the one at WalMart (before taxes, and the drive over to the store, and food that would have to be included in the trip). LOL Well I took the laptop into bed.. Brian was already in bed. I beg and pleaded, and told him I would love him forever... well didn't really say that.. LOL We went over the auction, and in my heart and soul, I wanted it. The concern we both had, umm its used. But the seller explained the situation, and in an email, was kinda bummed that she had to let it go. So, that was on a Tuesday, was notified that it was mailed on Saturday, got it the following Saturday. It was in miles of bubble wrap, and I was in such a squeal to find the machine inside.

Here it is Tuesday night. I was actually scared to sit down at the sewing machine and figure it all out. TOTALLY different, but I was excited to "play" with it. I got it all threaded, bobbin all figured out (since the old one's bobbin was under the needle, this one is a drop in setting) Gotta figure out the needle threader yet. Played with the buttons, and the gadgets. It has a needle up/down feature which is sooo cool! It has a push button, for starting, stopping and reverse, and it can operate with or without foot control.

Ok, so you wanna see my new computerized sewing machine?!?!? You can go to WalMart.com, and see the info on the machine Brother 60-Stitch Computerized Sewing Machine, CS-6000i

Things I need now for this new machine is more bobbins, a walking foot, and a quilting foot :)


Cindy said...

Congrats on your new sewing machine!! Sounds like you really got a great deal :)

The Adventures of Zoey said...

I miss this machine already **sniffs**. I am SO glad that you got this machine.


p.s. love your blog. I need to do something like this.

Vickie said...

Your sewing machine sounds wonderful! You are such a great shopper!! Get lots of sewing done on it girl!


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