Freezing Rain

All day long we have been having freezing rain - I guess its better than having snow... but I think that Mother Nature is mixed up on the date.

And if the weather people are right this stuff is suppose to turn into blizzard like conditions over night! Last night when I got home work, we moved the vehicles so they werent under the big willow trees that we have in our yard.

About the power outage - we were with out power for an hour. I just had sat down to start stitching, and I thought umm I guess its alittle darker than I thought.. but it was like the they were listening.

OMG the power just went out again! It was like coming on, going off... flickering the lights.. The tv was going on and off. Good thing for dial up and laptop battery! Hope it aint too long now... good thing I made dinner already!

Oh well I thought I would post some pictures of what it looked like outside about 15 minutes ago.

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