Memorial Day Weekend 2006

WHEW! Where did the weekend go! We had a blast this past weekend! We went down to our family's cottage, and spent 2 nights. The traffic going down was just horrible! It seemed like everyone was going north, and its a good thing that we were going south!..LOL We arrived Saturday afternoon at my parents. The weather.. well it rained on and off, but it was hot!

Brian, my mom and I arrived at the cottage about 3pm. and met up with Glen, Lisa, and their daughter, Katie. Amy, Natalie, and Kaylee arrived not too much longer after we did. We hung around the cottage for a bit, and decided to go shopping, and grocery shopping. Well we (Mom, Amy, Nat, & Kaylee) only made it shopping, and decided to keep the grocery shopping till Sunday afternoon - since the plan was to go out to eat on Sat evening and Sunday for breakfast. I got some more fabric to make a quilt. Natalie picked out her colors for her quilt - which is going to be a Disney Princess quilt (go figure!). Picked up a new charcoal grill for the cottage (cause its hard to do the cooking on the campfire). Found out that the Five Little Monkeys song can hurt.. LOL Natalie sings the song, but when she gets to the "no more monkeys jumping on the bed" - well that is her cue to poke her finger at you.. LOL well it caught me off guard, and I think it left a bruise.. LOL! While in Walmart there was a good down pour of rain, so it got it out of system by the time we got back to the cottage. When we got back, Lisa and I put the grill together, leave it to the woman!

Saturday night, Dad and Conway showed up about 7pm, and we went for dinner soon after. We went past a campgrounds... OH WOW, they were packed like sardines! I couldnt camp like that.. be able to spit at the neighbors.. LOL. We had a nice dinner, and of course it started thunder and lightening. We got back to the cottage about 10p, and Amy, Nat, and Kaylee went home for the night. The rest of us watched alittle tv, and had an early night.

Sunday morning, Dad, Mom, Brian, I, Glen, Lisa, Katie, Scott, Jenny, and Conway went for breakfast at our usual Sunday morning resturant we eat at when we are at the cottage. When we were returned to the cottage, Mom and I went to get groceries. When we got back we unloaded the truck, and just hung out. I was about to fall asleep, until Amy and the girls arrived. We had a blast riding around on 4wheelers and the golf cart! I must have put on about 10 miles just going around the yard with Conway and Natalie! But the two kids had a fun time.. they kept wanting more (of course Aunt Kim did also!) We rode so much that we ran out of gas.. LOL Sunday evening, I grilled out on the grill, and we had a little picnic out on the back of the truck bed. We sat around the campfire some (it was too hot to really enjoy it). I remember going to bed, but I dont remember falling asleep, cause I slept just about everything that happen during the night.. kids crying and all.

Monday morning, Mom made breakfast for us all. And we hurried off to the parade in Redgranite. The parade was nice, but it was too short. We went back to the cottage, and began to pack for home. We left about 1pm, and we got home just before 5pm, the traffic was worse than the trip down. So glad we were going north.. LOL

Posted are pictures from the weekend. I have pics of one of my niece, but I dont think that her daddy wants me to show her off, cause of a comment that he made. So I have to respect the wishes. Oh well.


Missy said...

Sounds like a nice fun time! Reminds me of being with my family at home. Miss those days. Looking forward to pictures.

P.S. Love the LK finish, so appropriate!


orrisroot said...

lovely picture....reminds me of my little sista and brothers...childhood is always the best memory...

p/s..nice blog u have here...


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