Quilting.. what's that?!?!

Somebody please tell me I need to do some quilting, cause as of right now there are NO quilting pics on the main page of the blog! EEK!

I haven't worked on a quilt in like so long! I think that I finally finished the Firetruck log cabin quilt about a few weeks ago. Today I went to go and drop it off to get quilted.. forgot the batting for the quilt.. LOL (see that's how bad I've gotten.. forgetting the materials that are needed to make a quilt.) But I haven't started anything lately... should get back in the swing of it all!

So please beg me to get back to quilting!.. LOL

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Missy said...

Get quilting, darn it!

I would love to be doing some quilting right now, but it is so stinking hot...maybe I will have to turn on the AC and pretend that it is cooler.


Your LK finish is so cute, I hadn't seen that one before.



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