Model finished!

YEA! I finished a model for Moonflower Designs. I was so excited about stitching it.. and I received it on Saturday, started it on Sunday night after I got home from work. Had off on Monday - so I stitched most of the day away. Stitched on Wednesday after I got home from work. Stitched again on it on Thursday, and Friday - (I have 4 days off this week (took an extra day off for another reason, but I extended the deadline, so it gave me plenty of time to stitch!)). I told Brian that I was going to have it finished before I go to bed tonight. Well I finished about an hour ago! Emailed the designer, and sent pictures of the finish. The design dimensions were about 7 5/8" X 16 1/4". You might think that is big, but it was the way the design was "laid-out"

I will post a pic of the model as soon as I get permission, but I will more likely have to wait till the model is released. (I have to send it back yet, and the finished will be framed.)

So Im doing a happy dance here!

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