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ARGH! I've been wanting to try a MP3 Player.. figured that with the *nice* weather in the future, and with camping coming up *soon*.. LOL It would be cool to have a MP3 player.

Last week in the local ad for the grab your buck store.. I noticed that they had a Mp3 player for $24.99, I thought oh cool, cheap enough to see if I like it or not. A week ago Sunday - Brian and I went up to this store.. and I had thought about buying the Mp3 player (since it was in the ad that we got on Saturday). We went back to the electronics area - and I was looking for this MP3 player, and wanting to get one. We couldn't find it.. didn't even have it in the display. So I asked the lady, if they had the Mp3 player that was in this weeks ad.. and where I could find it. Her reply was "did it come with the Trader".. and I replied "yes". Well come to find out.. that the ad that I had seen was for a same store in a different area, and the store we were at didn't start the ad till Monday. No big deal.

A week ago Friday, we went back to the store to purchase the MP3 player. We see the ad sign, but didn't see it anywhere. We went to the front to the registers to ask for some assistance. Talked with the clerk, and she was going to get some help for us. We went back to the electronic department, and waited. And waited, and waited. So I thought heck I will go and find the clerk that I saw on the other side of the store when we came in. I saw her and said that I need some assistance in the electronic dept, and that I wanted the MP3 player that was on sale. "The shipment never came in, and that you will need to get a raincheck." No big deal, went to the service counter and filled out a rain check form.

Tonight - Brian had to do a snuff run, so I tagged along and brought the raincheck for the MP3 player. We did our shopping, and I went to the electronic dept, and saw that they had the MP3 player in the locked display. When we were finished with our shopping, we get to the check out, and I said that I had a raincheck for the MP3 player that was on sale last week. The girl went back and got the MP3 player.

After finally relaxing I thought I would play a little with the MP3 player, and see what its like. Opening the package I cut my finger on the plastic, proceeded by putting the batteries in, installed the software, plugged the USB cord into the laptop and MP3 player. Come to find out the laptop does not recognize the MP3 player. After about 15 minutes I finally (amazingly) get the laptop to recognize the MP3 player. I download the music to the MP3 player (which took about 5 minutes). I unplugged the MP3 player from the laptop, go to turn the MP3 player on. NOTHING! Read the troubleshoot section, changed the batteries, and put it down to read more of the troubleshooting section. I glance at the player, and its on!

I thought oh cool, lets hear some music! I push the play button, I hear a 'pop' sound. I thought "oh bunk". After a few seconds... the screen says "NO FILES".. umm I just spent 5 min downloading music. Nope nothing there... plug it back into the laptop to read the music. After a struggle of getting the laptop to nicely recognize the MP3 player. I downloaded a few songs to see if I can get it to work. NO FILES again on the MP3 player.

I'm now taking the MP3 player BACK for a refund! In the process of pushing the button to power on the MP3 player - it is now sitting inside the MP3 player!

And to think this player is $42.99 regularly! "Crap, just crap"


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