Brian DID IT!

This is not cross stitch related or quilting related.. this is umm personal related.. LOL But I had to share since I have family and friends that check out my blog.

Ok, here is the story, before I met Brian he was clean shaven.. well I have a thing for guys with goatees. Well Brian grew a goatee for me. Well this past several months, he kinda just let it go. Well I have been pleading with him to cut it off! We discussed it last night, and he said that he would do it, but I had to take a picture of him before he did. Well tonight I'm in my chair stitching away, and in comes Brian.. "take a picture" I'm thinking, ok he has his shirt off, he wants me to take a pic of him bare chested (ok, come on now.. he has been working out and he is really developing in the chest area... LOL). Nope he had combed that darn beard. ICK!

Well we went into the bathroom where the light was better for taking a picture. I took a picture and said, so you going to do it now? His response was "I'm too tired." Well next thing you know I'm grabbing the garbage bag, placing it on the sink.. and he grabbed for his bread trimmer, and away he went at it!

He still needs to shave with the razor, but man oh man, look at the results! I'm happy!!!!!


After!!! Its amazing how hair makes a person look!


Shari said...

he looks so much younger & thinner without all that face hair!!!! Wow!!! Amazing what a change can do!!!

Pumpkin said...

What a change! It sure does take the effect of weight off his face.

Rebecca (AKA - Rebel In Ontario) said...

WOW! He looks so much younger without the beard!

Mary Ann said...

I missed this post, too! :-) Wow!, he looks so much younger and thinner without the beard!


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