SBQ - January 24, 2007

Today's SBQ was suggested by Danielle and is:

What company produces your favorite hand-dyed fabric? Are there any companies whose hand-dyed fabric you do not like? If so, why?

Gosh this is an awesome questions as I have just started getting into hand-dyed fabrics. I only have ordered from Sassy's Fabbys and I will order from no other! The service you receive from Sassy is just awesome! She is very personal and takes the time to answer emails and they are so sweet! I wanna patronize someone that cares about me, rather feeling like I'm a number.

I have joined Sassy's Color of the Month Club a few months back and have been happy with every order I have received. I also have put in 2 special orders. One being the piece that I'm using to stitch SGB on, and for a future wedding piece. The prices of the fabric I feel is very reasonable.

I'm one happy repeating customer!

Edited to add
I had left a post on the Sassy Fabby's Yahoo Group, and you can see how personal Lauren is... she sent me a personal email.. see what I mean.. she makes you feel like a friend, not a customer!

-------Original Message-------

From: Sassy
Date: 01/25/07 11:51:16
To: -Kim-
Subject: Re: Favorite Hand Dyed Fabric Question

AW....I think I am actually blushing !!! :)
Thank you so much sweetie....that really made my day !!!!

Oh my gosh...your SGB looks awesome !!!!! I can't believe you have gotten that much stitched already.

Your fabric just went out with today's mail, so it should be there by the beginning of the week. I can't wait to see that one when you are done too !!! You have such great taste in charts :)

Thank you again.....I have a permanent smile now :)

See why I love Sassy's Fabby's!!!! :) Will be stalking the mailbox.. Sassy mail in route.. WOOHOO!


Pumpkin said...

I agree Kim, Sassy puts out a wonderful product and her service is super! :o)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by my blogger a few days ago to leave a comment. It made me feel special. What an awesome person to do business with. I have heard great things from Sassy's. I guess I may have to take a look.

Lelia said...

Thanx for sharing!


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