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Ok, I have jumped in with both feet and did the Google Reader. I see with Internet Explorer 7 on here, it has a RSS feed button (well it shows that the site that you are currently on will show as being a constant update.. so I guess you have to go to Google Reader each time to get an update), so if there is an update it will be accessable. Ok, everyone update your blogs, I wanna see if it works.. LOL... KIDDING!

I have kept Blog Rolling on the side bar.. just to lazy to do all the links again, and besides all this monkeying around is taking away from my stitching time!

I was "this close" to putting my first stitch into the Sampler Game Board. Which the SAL starts on the 1st. I do have Sassy's Tan Marble already to go on the Qsnap... and its just screaming out "STITCH ON ME". I got to the point last night where I found the middle. But then I thought... I shouldnt.. LOL I decided today to go and get the DMC floss for it.. as I thought it would be good to have its own floss, so I dont have to keep digging for the numbers it calls for if I happen to use the floss on a different project.

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