Congrats to Missy Welcome Baby Connor!!

Through blogging, I met Missy right before she had gotten pregnant... we just hit it off right away! I remember when on her ticker on her blog showed that she had 100 days to go, and I commented to her, just think in no time the baby will be here! Well it is! Im so excited for her and her DH! I have enjoyed watching her blog and reading the emails of her dr appointments. And now their bundle of joy made his entrance to world on Thursday, Jan 11th (on her due date, how cool is that!).

You can read about little Connor on her blog.

Missy -
He is soo precious!! Congrats to you and Jim! You get some rest now, and make sure that Jim does his diaper duty, and feedings, and you get your rest! Connor Paul - I love it!!! Congrats again on the arrival!

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Missy said...

Thank you so much! Life isn't the same with him here, and that is in a good way. Hard to remember what our life was like before him.

I can't wait until we come home and you get to meet him!!

Great marathon stitching, btw...as usual.

: )


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