SGB WIP Progress Report - Jan 26

Today is Day 9 of the stitchathon of the Sampler Game Board. What day are you on?!?!.. oh man if Brett Favre was only tossing me the football!..LOL - ahh... too much listening to the commercials while stitching..LOL

I wanted to take a picture and post the progress, as I need to take the fabric off the Qsnap and move it as its getting uncomfortable to stitch. You can see on a previous post which was Day 5 of stitching, how much I have gotten done! Today I happen to stitch two house together, as they seemed to have the same floss colors. And that seemed to help the progress of stitching.. made it fun. :)

I want to work the bottom first than the top, so I will make sure I get enough room to continue on this stitchathon.. he he


Cathy said...

Oh my! You are just stitchin' away on that game board and will be finished in no time! Great job!

Pumpkin said...

Looking great Kim!

Mary Ann said...

It's looking great, Kim!!!!

Lelia said...

Oh Kim, this looks so very nice! Wow, you are going to finish in a hurry.

Is today Monday? I forgot to post a progress picture. The boys shared their headcold thing & my mind is in a fog.

I'll have to put up a pic tomorrow!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Looks great so far! I love the pattern and will put it into my pile of wants.

Rachel said...

Awesome work...you are so talented!!!

Anonymous said...

You go, girl! Your SGB is looking wonderful, Kim!


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