Is it me... or is Blogrolling not working?!?! Cause Im missing all the recent updates! GRRR!


Lelia said...

I don't really know. I had somebody tell me to skip over bloglines + blogroll and try the Google Reader b/c you can see photos with the posts.

It is something I want to mess around with this month : )

Sally said...

Blogrolling hasn't been working for a few weeks Kim. I've been using the ping form on their site when I update mine. I also started using Google Reader so I know who has updated but I can't your blog there for some reason.

Missy said...

Funny, I was just going to ask this in my post today. But, I see that it looks like it *might* be working now. I thought maybe it had to do with switching over to Blogger Beta.

I do otherwise try to check them on google reader. But I forget sometimes.

: )

KaLu said...

I've noticed for a while, I guess I'll be trying goggle reader or something


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