SGB WIP Progress Report

Day 5 - Since last report, stitched 4 houses and 4 motifs. Stitched border and WXYZ
Ok, disregard the date on the pic. Just happen to take the pic @ 12:01 am. But the progress was from Fri, Sat, and Sun.. he he he.

I'm hoping I can do at least one block a day. That's my goal. I know I wont be able to every day, but it looks like I already have made up for those days..;)


Shari said...

wow girl! It looks great! You are going to have yours done before any of the rest of us start!!! I still don't have my fabric!! I do have my floss--I am just using dmc!
Thanks for sharing & inspiring!

Pumpkin said...

It look wonderful Kim! Great progress girl :o)

Sally said...

Fantastic progress on the GameBoard Sampler Kim.

Lelia said...

a square a day!!! WOOT : )

You will be done with the gameboard in 64 days. That is an awesome goal.

i'm enjoying the game board, too

Mary Ann said...

Oh, lovely progress on the Gameboard! I'm looking forward to seeing the next update on it!!

Cathy said...

You're going to be finished way before the rest of us at the rate you're going! Looks great!

Renee said...

It looks awesome Kim!!!!

I can't wait to start mine!!


Old Yankee Stitcher said...

Great progress and your stitching is wonderful.


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