Look at what came home with me today ...

Ok, the guy on the left .. well I came home with him almost 6yrs ago now.. he he.

Tuesday morning, on my way to work, I always listen to Telephone Time in the morning commute - its a call in show, where you can advertise your goods for sale.

Well the announcer read an ad for a Dell Laptop, and a list of accessories. Then I heard the price.... I had to do the memory thing where I had to repeat it till I found a pen and luckily I had a piece of paper to write on, sitting on the passenger seat.

I got to work, punched in and then I made a phone call to the party that was selling the laptop. Left a message, but I wanted to have the seller call my home # and leave a message, as to when he would be home so we could talk. Well Brian called about 4:15p, the guy called at 4pm and left a message, to say he still had the laptop for sale, and that he was going to be gone from home and will be home around 8:30. Well I drove crazy home on the slushy roads.

I called at 9pm - he precedes to tell me that he had a guy coming (suppose to be there at 10pm) to look at the computer. And here is the kicker - the seller is telling me all the specs of the laptop on the phone, rambling off all the bells and whistles, and I just let him babble on.

I was pretty bummed after the phone call. Pretty much gave up hope. Then last night, the phone rang about 9:20p, Im thinking its my sister. Nope, it was the guy calling back to let me know that the other guy never showed up! And if I was still interested, it was mine. I asked Brian, should we still get it?!

Well guess what his reply was..... umm look at the picture!

So we are now owners of a Dell! We have named it Brian's Toy - humm I wonder if we mate it with Kim's Toy, if we will get lots of Toys?!?! LMAO!


Mary Ann said...

WOW! Congratulations on getting the new toy! I'm glad the deal worked out for you.

Meari said...

How wonderful. Congrats on your new TOY!!

Pumpkin said...

Woohoo! Great bargain Kim! I love my laptop. I wouldn't go back now :o)

Shari said...

it was meant to be Kim!! I hope Brian enjoys it!!!!

The Chicken Lady said...

Nice. My honey would be ALL OVER that thing. He wants a new toy so bad...too bad..I need fabric. :)


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