We lost our beloved..

blue lawn ornament today.. what a sad moment. NOT!! I was so happy to see Brian steer that car up onto the flat bed, while I got to run the winch.
Bri's nephew called the other day, asking about the car, if he could get it for scrap. I said "YES!" We got $35 for the car, that was worth, well... more like $0.35.. LOL

I was so happy to see it go, its been parked in the yard for over 2 years, waiting on a part that BIL said that he would replace on the car, but never got it. And the car wasn't worth the $14 part that we were needing to run it again. The car had 4 new tires on it, and we are getting those back when they go to junk the car.

Now I have to get some grass seed to replace the sod that we lost, due to the car being parked there for so long. Brian has thought of using the area as a cactus area.. I just rolled my eyes at him, over that comment!


Pumpkin said...

By by car :o)

Shell said...

I quite like the sound of a cactus garden LOL

The Chicken Lady said...

Gosh, you got rid of it? It could have made a wonderful planter box! ;) Congrats on getting it out of your yard! :)

Cathy said...

Gives the term "Spring clean-up" a whole new meaning, doesn't it?

Missy said...

Bye old blue! I am sure you were pretty back in the day.

: )


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