Meeting a blogging friend

I have received word that Missy and her family have made it home safely.

If you recall that I had visited some friends in Green Bay in a previous post?!?
Well Missy and her entourage was making a trip into Wisconsin by the way of Green Bay. And we decided upon Lambeau Field as being our meeting place.

It was such a fun visiting with Missy, her little guy Connor, and her DH and friends.
This is a picture of us - Missy is holding Connor. What a cute little guy!!
Due to Missy's respect, I didnt want to post a picture, as I know that I get traffic from Missy's blog to mine, till they arrived home.

Thanks again for meeting up with me Missy! Hope to do it again when you move to Wisconsin.. *wink, wink*


Cathy said...

How exciting to meet up with a blogging friend!

Missy said...

Yay! I am so totally hoping that we do move to WI..that would be awesome. I *need* snow.

: )

Pumpkin said...

That is so neat that you met up with a blogging friend! I hope to do that some day :o)


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